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Horticultural treats for your friends and family

Surely every gardener likes a little present to make their gardening tasks easier, I know I do. These 12 gardening gift ideas are perfect for your green-fingered friends. You never know; you may find a gardening treat for yourself.

I’m often using the items below, and a few of these gardening gifts are just a little bit of fun. Although I always love receiving a book, there is something very comforting about flicking through a good gardening book.

These handy gardening prezzies are ideal for the treasured gardener in your life and will make a perfect gift.


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Gold Leaf RHS collection gardening gloves

I love the poppy on these

I have the Gold Leaf Soft Touch gloves in this range; however, mine have begun to wear a bit thin now on the end of the fingers as they get used very regularly.

But now that I’ve spotted these Gold Leaf RHS collection Chelsea gardening gloves, I think these will be my next purchase. I do love the beautiful red poppy on them.

I find that the leather Gold Leaf range of gardening gloves are very soft, comfortable, and extremely durable.

RHS Gardening through the Year

The perfect book for everyone

Whether new to gardening or an ‘old hand,’ this delightful book will always brighten up your bookshelf.

The ‘RHS Gardening through the Year’ book is perfect for giving you in-depth knowledge through your gardening year. Whether you need guidance on your window boxes, keeping your lawn lush green or discovering the ideal time for pruning your roses, this comprehensive book will guide you along the way.

Grab a cup of tea and take a browse.

Hedgehog house and hibernation shelter

How cute is this

This charming hedgehog house and hibernation shelter is a must for any garden. The woodside hedgehog home is made from durable hard pine and has a waterproof felt roof.

The little home is a safe haven for your spikey friends and has two compartments which are easily accessible by lifting the roof.

The cute shelter is perfect for hibernation and breeding and allows the hedgehogs to keep safe and out of harm’s way; your children and grandchildren will love it and who doesn't love a little wildlife in your garden?

The perfect double-walled vacuum flask

Hot or cold, what will yours be?

Whether you’re working hard on your allotment or maintaining your cottage garden, one of the most important things you must do is to keep yourself hydrated.

Your beverage of choice may be a fragrant heart-warming coffee or a chilled iced tea; either way, this convenient Jumkeet double-walled vacuum flask will reliably cover both of these tasks.

The attractive stainless steel Jumkeet flask, which is available in four different colours, holds up to 500ml of liquid. The flask will keep your brew or soup warm for up to 12 hours and your water or juice chilled for 12 hours.

The other handy aspect of this flask is that it can easily be opened with one hand by releasing and pressing the button; you don’t even need to take off your gloves.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

VANBAR 4k WiFi Wildlife camera

We think it’s worth every penny

Now, this VANBAR wildlife camera may seem a bit of an indulgence; however, it’s a perfect gift for the garden lover in your life who has everything.

We purchased one of these VANBAR wildlife cameras a couple of years ago, as we suspected we had a hedgehog wandering through our garden. And to our delight, we were correct; in fact, we had two hedgehogs.

Every evening, we placed water in a couple of little dishes and set up the camera facing the water. Lo and behold, the delightful little hedgehogs visited every evening.

We’ve now placed the camera at various points around the garden and watched them scurrying about. We’ve even caught a fox a few times on the camera, too.

It’s just a joy the following morning watching the little creatures scuttling around.

Leaf grabber set

They’re just like having ‘big hands’

Yes, yes, I know I sound really sad here, but these leaf grabbers are a godsend. I never knew I would get so passionate over something so simple.

However, these leaf grabbers are perfect for picking up mountains of leaves, grass, and cuttings. One big old scoop and you’ve collected a huge bundle of leaves. Not only do they do the job perfectly, they save so much time and are lightweight too.

Win, win in my book and reasonably priced; I call them my ‘big hands’.

Gardens of the National Trust

All lovingly cared for

This National Trust book is a lovely accompaniment for your coffee table. If, like us, you enjoy visiting the National Trust gardens around the United Kingdom, then grab yourself a copy of the latest ‘Gardens of the National Trust’. It’s a beautifully illustrated book, and it won’t be long before you’re planning your next trip.

We’ve visited many of these gardens in the southeast of the UK, and this treasured book is a wonderful reminder.

A large, recycled Gorilla Tubtrug

A winner in my garden

This large tubtrug is one of the most utilised items in my garden, so much so that I have two large tubtrugs and one small one. The large tubtrug has a capacity of 42 litres, and the little trug holds 15 litres.

My large trug is extremely handy in my main garden for weeds, leaves, transferring plants, and soaking items before planting; I’ve had these tubtrugs for years and still no sign of wear and tear yet.

Now, the little tubtrug I adore, as it is so useful to use on the patio. I just amble around deadheading flowers, picking fruit and vegetables, and using it to split and transfer plants from one home to another.

These trugs are incredibly durable and 100% recycled.

Wooden plant and vegetable cold frame

Protecting your lovely plants

If your fellow gardener doesn’t already have a plant and vegetable cold frame, then this is a great investment for protecting your plants in the cooler months or even in spring when your seeds require nurturing.

I find this extremely useful to have on my patio, as I can easily keep an eye on my cutting and young plants.

I’ve taken some soft cuttings over the last couple of years. If the young plants aren’t quite strong enough to survive being planted in our main garden, then I can look after them in this protective cold frame.

Wild bird feeding station

‘Build it, and they will come’

We have a couple of wild bird feeding stations in our garden, and they are fantastic. They will make a perfect gift for anyone who loves admiring wildlife.

These sturdy feeding stations can be placed anywhere in your garden; however, we love to put these robust hanging kits within our garden beds. The birds adore them as they don’t feel as exposed.

You can hang all your bird seed and nut feeders from it, numerous suet balls, and this particular feeding station includes a mesh tray and water bowl, which can be detached.

Edible Garden by Joe Swift

Including eco-friendly tips

I appreciate that I’ve chosen another gardening book; however, this is written by one of my favourite gardeners, Joe Swift. I love watching him on TV, especially during the Chelsea Flower Show.

This Edible Garden book is full of handy hints and tips. Joe guides you through planning your plots and filling your containers and raised beds with tasty herbs and vegetables in eco-friendly ways.

Joe also offers guidance on nurturing and caring for your edible plants, dealing with troublesome pests and disease control.

He has a great way of explaining tasks and making things sound so manageable.

Eco-friendly bug and bee hotel

Little insects will love you

Last but by no means least is a bug and bee hotel.

This delightful wooden and bamboo bug house makes a lovely addition to your garden; your little bee hotel will attract all kinds of creepy-crawly residents.

Keep a lookout for ladybirds, butterflies, and mason bees. As the bug house is full of bamboo tubes and pine cones, it will attract different-sized insects and make for a lovely place for them to live.

The Pelle & Sol eco-friendly bee hotel is made from natural wood, making it a rather attractive addition to your garden and is also weather-resistant.

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