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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yay, December and all the festive celebrations are well and truly upon us.

It’s lovely strolling around the village and admiring all the exterior Christmas decorations. Even with energy bills as high as they are, lots of people are still making that extra effort to cheer up the local folk.

Although, Christmas came early in the southeast of the UK this year, as we had a downfall of snow in Kent. Overnight we had around three inches of snow, the temperatures continued to stay well below zero, and the snow and ice remained for a week. Which is very unusual for us.


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Two glass angel decorations on a window overlooking our snow covered garden.
Christmas angels
And yes, our hosepipe ban has just been lifted.
As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

What we’ve been up to this month

In the garden and on the website

To be perfectly honest, not too much has been undertaken in our garden for December.

We managed to collect another wheely bin full of leaves. Given the amount of foliage around, I think we could have filled another couple of bins.

A frosty cobweb across an aged vine in our garden
Cobwebs on vine

As mentioned, then came the snow, so we couldn’t even see the garden let alone clear more shrubbery.

Last month I mentioned that I’d planted around 400 spring flowering bulbs. However, in early December, the weather had been relatively mild. To my surprise, a few bulbs had already started to sprout.

I’m now hoping the snow has encouraged the bulbs to lay dormant for a couple of months and re-appear in late winter or early spring.

Achievements for December

Let’s keep ticking those boxes
It’s been quiet in the garden in December, as you can imagine, although I’m nearly on top of raking up most of the leaves. More clearing of our unruly shrubs is still required.
Our garden covered in snow
Our snowy garden
So, let’s see what we’ve managed to tick off for December.
Clear untold amount of leaves.

Tidy up the front garden.

Continue to manage and prune our overgrown and unruly shrubs in the Secret Garden.

Lessons learnt & mistakes made

You live and learn
It’s been another quiet month for learning new lessons; although I’m pleased, we had a snow shovel. Even though we may only use it a couple of times a year, it is very handy for clearing pathways for safe walking.

Our plans for the coming month

What’s on your to-do list?
Continue to clear the weeds and unwanted planting in the Cottage Garden section.

Keep cutting back and managing our overgrown and unruly shrubs in the Secret Garden. Ensure we keep filling our garden waste bin.

Progress with planning the different garden sections and understanding the likes and dislikes of our plants.

Prune our two standard roses; I’ve read that living in the southeast of the UK, it’s safe to prune them in January/February.

Please let us know what you have planned in your garden this month; we’d love to know.

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